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United States -- Free-Press-Release.com -- Sep 03, 2011 -- Mr. Wathan said his near term move to Collinsville,IL would require that he resign as the long standing Chairman of the Zoning Board of Appeals. Harold Lee Wathan Harold Lee Wathan

Lee Wathan said, "It has been an honor to lead this very important Board thru multiple administrations and major changes in the Zoning Regulations. The Zoning Board of Appeals hears cases brought by citizens where these Zoning Regulations may have unintended, detrimental consequences." Mayor Jackstadt said, " On behalf of the Glen Carbon Village Board, I want to sincerely thank Lee for the countless hours of time he gave to this great Village as a member and Chairman of our Zoning Board of Appeals. He served Village residents quite well since his appointment in 2000 by Mayor Ronald J. Foster. After only one year of service, he assumed the task of Chairman of the Zoning Board of Appeals. After my election as Mayor in 2005, I was pleased to reappoint Lee Wathan as Chairman in 2007. Harold Lee Wathan

Mr. Wathan's leadership on the Zoning Board was excellent. Lee led the Board to make thoughtful decisions that resulted in solutions that were satisfactory to the applicants and to the requirements of the Village. While Lee may miss the Village of Glen Carbon, rest assured that the Village will miss him as one of their hardest working volunteers. His dedication to do what was best for the Village serves as a great example for Mr. Wathan's successor and all other Zoning Board members. I wish Lee Wathan the absolute best in all his future endeavors."