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Lee Wathan The Cool Cities Committee of Glen Carbon, IL is the recipient of a matching grant from local businessman, Lee Wathan. The grant will be used to begin a study aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions by Glen Carbon and its residents. Lee Wathan said, "When I learned that Glen Carbon was undertaking a program to reduce its production of greenhouse gases I wanted to help. Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) had agreed to work with Glen Carbon to calculate how much gas the Village is currently producing. This will give them a base to compare to as they undertake efforts to reduce their emissions. To accomplish this they need a very specialized piece of software. By making my donation a ˜matching grant˜, I hoped to challenge other businesses to get involved by donating and to begin thinking of what they might do to reduce their emissions." Lee Wathan said his company has begun a program to eliminate the use of paper and is loLee Wathan oking at other ways to reduce their carbon footprint.